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Collegiate Shag


The levels of the classes are defined according to the total time that each participant has been dancing, and because of the ambiguity that this entails, and to help the choice of level, we have provided a brief description of each. Please read it and attempts to situate yourself at a certain level. We trust in your responsability to make the choice, as it will be profitable for all assistants.

INTERMEDIATE: from 6 months. You’ve been dancing Collegiate shag for about 6 months and you’re comfortable at medium to fast tempo songs. You can lead or follow easily during these songs, and you have good flow on the dance floor.

ADVANCED: from 1 year. You’re a Collegiate shag animal and you’re looking for more!  You have been dancing Shag for over a year and you social dance it any chance you get. You have flow and have no problems learning new steps and techniques.


Martí Gasol & Sandy Lewis
Michał Oblaciński & Katarzyna Dybowska

From 6 months dancing
6 Hours of Collegiate Shag
7 Tasters to choose
From 1 year dancing
6 Hours of Collegiate Shag
7 Tasters to choose
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