Swimout Costa Brava | Felipe Braga & Lucile Pinteaux Swim Out Costa Brava 2018
Felipe Braga & Lucile Pinteaux

Many ask how Felipe learned Lindy Hop so quickly: transitioning from a toilet-cleaning newbie dancer marveling at the Folkets Hus floor to a Herrang instructor in three short years. The explanation is simple: his pre-Lindy life prepared him for what was to come. Training in theatrical acting gave Felipe body awareness and control as well as an ability to improvise–both in his energetic and now infamous class warm-ups, and in the competitions where he always shines. Felipe’s experience playing drums, as well as his youth in Brazil –where the music and dance culture are rich– gave him an innate sense of rhythm. And finally Felipe’s days as a dancing party-animator for a live music club in Brazil gave him plenty of training for getting people excited about dancing in his Lindy Hop classes today.

But more important than any of this is that Felipe has embodied the Lindy Hop spirit since before he knew it existed. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like Felipe. His warm personality charms every dancer he meets, and his ability to connect with people in conversation carries over onto the dance floor. He leaves every follower with a smile, and anyone who has danced or talked with him will confirm: he always makes you feel special.

Lucile loves to experience movement. From the tiny 6 year old acrobatic gymnast being thrown into the air to the contemporary/modern dancer of 16 years, she has always sought new ways of moving, leading her inevitably to discover and fall in love with the swing dance in 2012! After living 5 years teaching swing full-time in her adopted home of Barcelona. Lucile is now back home in Toulouse (France) where she teach at the Studio Hop and continue traveling around Europe. As a competitor she has won and placed in events such as: ILHC, ESDC, Savoy Cup, GSDF, Torino Swing Festival, Summer Camp Swing Festival, Crazy Rhythm Challenge, Barswingona, Paris Jazz Roots, Hot Blues, Falling in Blues and more.

As a teacher Lucile loves giving her students the ideas and freedom to discover their own way of moving and find how to adapt and connect with everyone. Lucile believes swing dance is specially beautiful because it allows us to experience the choreographer, dancer, and audience as one, in time and space with each other and as a whole. And this is why she can always be found happiest swingin’ it on the dance floor, sharing her love and spirit of jazz with all.

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