Our Team

Alba & Mago

We are Alba Casadellà and Jose María Farfán, directors of Windy Hoppers, the association organizer of the Swim Out Costa Brava. Our objective as Windy Hoppers is to intensely promote the swing and Lindy Hop around the province of Girona. Thus, we organize courses of different levels of Lindy Hop in different places in the area, swing concerts, and we also participate in all kind of cultural events and festivities trying to expand the range of sociocultural offer, in the Empordà region above all. After more than 3 years of its existence, we ventured into Swim Out Costa Brava project with so much illusion, love and energy. Our mission is to be sure that all participants will enjoy the festival in the best possible way, and with our fantastic team help, we will expect that 2016 to be unforgettable for everyone.


Gloria Padrós

One day taking a walk in Canadell beach in Calella de Palafrugell, I met by chance with a Lindy Hop clandestine. Yet I didn’t know what these people were dancing but in any case, never stopped smiling. A few months later Alba took me to the first jam in Barcelona and since then I’m already hooked to Lindy Hop! I will be part of the production team of the festival, so during the weekend you will see me up and down making sure things flow.


Irene Soler

I am Irene and three years ago I started to dance Lindy Hop in Barcelona. Surely everyone has a fantastic and addicitve experience as a lindy hopper, so you do not need me to tell my story with this dance, because it will be similar to yours. Together wit Gloria and Almudena will make everything runs smoothly and that you may have not to worry about anything. And at a time long ago I do not dance, so I will love fill my free time of swing outs!


Almudena Díaz

I will be collaborating to Swim Out with great enthusiasm so that you have a good welcome and facilitate easy registration process to your arrival. In addition I will be part of the production team so that no detail will not escape and you feel at home throughout the festival. Although I am not lindy hopper, I’ve always been a lover of swing music, so I will enjoy the same atmosphere and the joy of the participants and perhaps at some point I dare a little Lindy Hop dance.


Núria Aguadé

I am a professional photographer and take pictures of swing practically since I started dancing. Gradually entertainment photography has been gaining more weight in my work as I’ve gone deeper into the world of dance. The swing is magical! Music, people, energy .. interpreted from my filter: http://www.nuriaaguade.com/festival/ You will see me moving discreetly around the room, looking behind the camera to capture the best with my camera always ready… and surely moving one foot to the beat of the music without even realizing it!


Nuno Neves

I am Nuno and have been dancing lindy hop for about two years. I work as a videographer from Lisbon, and have started my own video production house about 3 years ago, Other Features. ( otherfeatures.pt ). Besides dancing, I always loved creating videos that capture emotions and that people can watch over and over again. So, basically, I am very excited to participate on this year´s Swim Out Costa Brava!


Carla Rossignoli

I’m the one to blame for having to dress stripes and for te graphics of this festival! The lindyhop is great for many things, but the most important is that you make the best friends. So when Mago explained his idea of this festival two years ago, I did not hesitate to join, providing what my best, which is graphic design.


Júlia Moutinho

The dance world has always fascinated me and I’ve been through all kinds of dance, from hip hop to belly dancing. However, the summer of 2013 a Lindy Hop open class taught by Windy Hoppers fascinated me and this experience took me in the world of swing.I could not say no when I was offered to collaborate in Swim Out festival this year. So I am waiting you in Llafranc to assing you the room and give you the most valuable information to enjoy the summer festival.


Anna May

I am Anna, scientific and hopper. For now I can combine work well in the laboratory with jams and festivals, and could not quit any of them, at least as I see it now! I do not know if it’s dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, but what I do know is that dancing is joy, good humor, pleasure, love and addiction! I started dancing lindy hop three years ago, and since then I keep hitting the jams and festivals, while taking lessons with the best teachers I’m finding! I am glad to collaborate in the Swim Out Costa Brava, and become part of this great team. You will find me on the first day in the “registration desk” to assign your rooms! I hope you enjoy this super festival! Let’s Dance!


Marta Pedrero

I’m Marta and I started dancing contemporary and ballet as a little girl. In 2012 I went crazy with the swing and you’ll find me on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. I am also a Lindy Hop teacher and I often DJ. This is my favorite festival of the year so I’m happy to be part of the team this year and contribute my bit. I’ll see you all on Friday at the Registration, so I can give you all the basic information required in order you’ll have a perfect weekend. Any questions you have do not hesitate to ask me.


Laia Casamitjana

Since I was a young girl I felt attracted by the music and the dance, and I was always interested to discover new dances. For a while now I casually discover the Lindy Hop and I felt in love with the music, the spontainety of the dance and the social component. When Alba and Mago offered me to be part of their beautiful project I couldn’t say no! So you’ll find me at the Registration desk to make you feel confortable at your arrival, and I will be there to accompany you to all activities and surprises of the festival.


Pep Farré

I am a passionate swing dancer and have taught lindy hop at Barcelona, Valls, and I’ve been teaching at Windy Hoppers. I also Deejay occasionally. I will be in charge of the Afterparties on friday and saturday, and I’ll control the list of participants of the jack and Jill open and advanced level and I will deliver the numbers Wishing luck to all. Along with Laura, we will ensure the prizes until you all you may win.


Laura Ferrer

I discovered the Lindy Hop in Girona city in 2012, I felt in love with it! And I’ve never stopped dancing, what a music, joy and vitality! I had the luck to see this nice festival be born and to collaborate at its first edition. This year during the Swim Out I’ll assist you in the Register and I’ll help you to be ready to do your best at the Jack & Jill!


Josep Beltrán (Djuju)

I am Djuju and I also received my first lindy hop lessons with Windy Hoppers, which I discovered in a popular act where they were dancing in the street. This already is the second year that I participate in the team of Swim Out Costa Brava and with Laia and Elis will work to make you feel a real sailor and pirate hoppers. I will be the handyman of the group and will ride the Atrezzo to have everything ready when you arrive. I hope you enjoy all that we have designed and that you take many souvenir photos.


Solange Santos

An actress by heart, I’ve always loved to find new ways to express myself while embracing and touching other human beings, so, when I discovered this amazing bubble of hugs and laughter 5 years ago, I never looked back. I will be there to make the introductions — all you have to do is take someone’s hand and smile away. I’ll keep my M.C.’ing short and sweet so that I can have time to dance with you all.


Joan Marc Comalada

Lindy Hop has awoken in me a passion I did not know I was waiting for my entire life. I’ve been living this lindy world since 2012. This world has brought me fun, friends, experience, love and I also discovered a musical genre totally unkown by me until I started dancing it. I love dancing and teaching, but I also love to share the songs that inspire me the most while social dancing. That’s why I’m looking forward to be the main DJ of the Swim Out third edition and to be part of this festival for the third time.

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