Swimout Costa Brava | Rikard Ekstrand & Egle Regelskis Swim Out Costa Brava 2018
Rikard Ekstrand & Egle Regelskis

Rikard Ekstrand considers himself a teacher and student of rhythm. “In the art of rhythm you will never be fully skilled”. He is a well known dancer, performer and teacher and part of the Swedish performance company Harlem Hot Shots. His teaching and dancing covers a very broad knowledge and the key word for him is without doubt: “Knowledge and understanding of what you do is the key for good quality”.

Rikard sees swing dancing and Lindy Hop as free improvisational dances with the focus being on the union between two dancers and the sharing of rhythm between them. A class with Rikard gives the students a bigger picture of the traditional ways combined with the improvisational parts of Jazz dancing. He’s been teaching at Swim Out for two editions and he’s joining us again. We love his energy and his manner of living!

Egle Regelskis is one of the leading Lindy Hop teachers in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since opening Hoppers’ dance studio in Vilnius, Egle is one of those who making the Lithuanian swing dance scene thrive. Besides teaching she is running Hoppers’ dance studio and swing dance events with the goal of helping new Lithuanian swing dance talents emerge.

Egle believes that dancing is something that makes people get out of their fears and meet themselves better. The way we are is the way we dance and magic happens only stepping out of our comfort zone by accepting ourselves with all the weaknesses and strengths. If one can walk one can dance. Everything else depends on passion and willingness to work.

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