Shag Track

This track is planned for people who is not an assistant to the globality of the Festival, but want to join some classes and also enjoy the Saturday Party. What does this track is about?

– 2 hours of Shag classes for each Level, with Martí & Sandy,
– The Saturday Party at La Bóbila from Palafrugell, with the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra, competitions, shows, vintage stands, bar service etc…
– This Track doesn’t allow you to be part of the rest of the activities of the festival, or to visit the Summer House or any other venue of the Festival.
– The track will be given at the Ametllers, at the center of Palafrugell, and not at the Summer House in Llafranc.
– The schedule will be on Saturday afternoon, and soon it will be confirmed the final Schedule.
– If you also want to join the Friday Party at la Bòbila of Palafrugell, you can register at the Shag Track form and we’ll add €20 to the final rate. You’ll have the Shag classes and 2 parties for €70.

SAILORS (Beginner/Starter): are you an absolute shag beginner? Or do you know how to do some basics and want to learn more steps and shag technique? Have you danced little or no shag at all, but you’re ready to get on board? Let’s do it!

SHARKS (Intermediate/experienced): You’ve danced shag more than six months and are comfortable with the basics. You are looking to add more steps and variations to your dance while cleaning up your technique, and you want to get comfortable dancing to faster music.

SAILORS - Beginner
50 € per person
2 Hours of Shag Track
Saturday Party
SHARKS - Intermedium
50 € per person
2 Hours of Shag Track
Saturday Party


Sandy Lewis was born and raised in south Louisiana dancing to Cajun and Zydeco music. After moving to Barcelona she began swing dancing and immediately fell in love with collegiate shag. Besides shag, you can find her dancing balboa, boogie and even a little bit of blues all around the world.

Martí Gasol can be found climbing mountains, skiing and dancing swing on the dance floors around Europe and beyond. He’s an avid boogie dancer and award-winning lindy hopper.

Sandy and Martí united as partners in their passion for collegiate shag just two short years ago and they have been trotting the globe and teaching the dance in cities such as Copenhagen, Hamburg, Krakow, Warsaw and now in the Costa Brava! They are both founding members of the Barcelona Shag Society, which aims to bring collegiate shag dance and culture to the forefront of Barcelona’s dance scene. These two crazy kids love to show off their skills in energetic choreos and keep it fun. Their classes focus on technique and musicality, and they work harder every day to bring shag to their students. Oh, and they’re both big fans of ice cream and cookies!

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