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There are two housing options in Llafranc. 75% of the participants will stay in the Albatros Summer House, while the 25% can stay in Kim’s Camping located 2 minutes walk from Albatros. All participants will have full board and other services in Albatros: registration, dinning room, swimmingpool, etc… Classes are held between Albatros and Kim’s facilities.

1. Lindy Pass / Solo Jazz Pass/ Afrofusion Pass / Fun Pass: these 4 types of pass have accommodation in a room at Albatros, or in a bungalow at Kim’s Camping. While staying at Albatros you can share rooms for 4, 6 or 8 people, those who choose the option of Kim’s camping, will stay in private bungalows for 5 or 6 people with terrace and parking. Both Albatros as Kim’s dispose of all the services: swimming pool, bar, wifi, …

2. Camping Lindy Pass / Camping Solo Jazz Pass/ Camping Afrofusion Pass / Camping Fun Pass: these 4 types of pass will have accommodation in a Kim’s Camping plot, where up to 2 tents can be installed, or a van / motorhome and 1 tent, and where up to 4 people can be accommodated for each plot. This pass also includes parking at the Camping.

Registration: Even if you stay at Albatros Summer House, or at Kim ‘s Càmping, the official registration will be at Albatros Summer House, on Thursday 1st during the whole day. It is essential to stick to the official registration:

o Thursday August 31st from 12:00a.m –  09:00p.m: Albatros Summer House. Official Registration

Full Board: Accommodation in rooms for 6 people, with bathroom in each room and balcony, or accommodation in bungalows of 5 or 6 people, or accommodation in plots for 4 people. Also included:

o Thursday: dinner (Thursday’s lunch is not included).
o Friday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
o Saturday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
o Sunday: breakfast and lunch.

Water Activities: Only included for Fun Pass and Camping Fun Pass, but people with other type of pack who are interested in water activities, may consult the organization. You could choose between kayak or paddle surf, lasting 1 hour. These activities are carried out on the beach in Llafranc, the Organization of the festival available to people who have included this activity, schedule, venue and company providing the service.

a) At your user panel, once you have done the registration, you can reserve your preference for Casa Albatros or for Kim’s Camping. You can select your friends, and enter the emails of the people you want to share with.
b) Whether the option for Albatros House as for Kim’s Camping there will be a responsible for each room/bungalow/tent, which will be the person who will reserve the room/bungalow/tent. If you do not have group to share a room, we will assign you one at your arrival.


The summer house Albatros is placed at Llafranc, 5 minutes from the beach, and have rooms of 6 people with a complete bathroom inside and a balcony. The external facilities are swimming pool, garden etc…



Two bedrooms one with two single beds and the other with double bed. Dining room with kitchen equipped with refrigerator and utensils, even if you have full board at Albatros Summer House. A convertible sofa, heating, bathroom with shower, washbasin and w.c. Private terrace with table and chairs. Parking for the car next to the BUNGALOW. The Sun-Roller BUNGALOWS are located near the pool, bar-restaurant and supermarket. For stays of more than one night we include bed linen, a hand towel per person and kitchen clothes (shower towels are not included).

Three bedrooms, one with two single beds, one with double bed and a third bedroom with a single bed. Room with kitchen and convertible sofa. Heating, bathroom with shower, washbasin and w.c. Private terrace with awning, table and chairs, parking for the car in front of bungalow. Including cooking utensils and fridge, even if you have full board at the Albatros Summer House. The Mobil-homes Sun-Roller are located near the pool, bar-restaurant and supermarket. For stays of more than one night we include bed linen and a hand towel per person (Shower towels are not included).


In the same period  the Swim Out often takes place there is also the famous Fair Indians held in the neighboring town of Begur. It originated in the emigration of many Begur inhabitants in Cuba during the nineteenth century. On returning to the village, who had prospered in his business, built ostentatious houses that still adorn the streets of Begur. They were the popular “Americans” who wanted to recreate the lifestyle of Cuba and who left us a diverse cultural heritage.

Begur turns to relive that period of history that has left a deep mark on our town and our identity. For three days Begur offers a wide range of leisure and cultural activites focused on “Indians”.  Three days of celebration and tradition, an evocative journey into the past and a vindication of our roots.

Take the opportunity to visit it! More information here:

At the same time, there should be the Mad Market in Llafranc, an art fair, antique and vintage dealers, you will find anything at any price!

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