The payment method of the Swim Out Costa Brava is a one-time payment of 100% of the amount, via bank transfer or online payment, since the summer camp format requires reservations and services hiring in advanced of high cost. Being aware of the effort required for certain people to make a single payment of 100%, the Organization offers the option to split the payment in two deadlines.

Early Bird Rate will be assigned to the first 70 registrations, therefore, when you register, you won’t be able to see if the Early Bird Rate is applied to your registration. The confirmation will be received via email, as it will depend on the number of participants who have registered before you. In case that you couldn’t access the Early Bird Rate, you will have available the discounts for Groups.

The Swim Out Costa Brava Festival wants to encourage the participation of Associations and Schools that from the day job and a committed attitude want to expand the Lindy Hop and Swing every corner. Therefore all Associations and Schools have available a special discounted rate, for easy access to members of the same Festival. Discounts from Early Bird Rate and from Association/School Rate, are not cumulative. The people registered with Early Bird Rate are considered individual registrations, and will not be computed to be part of a group. The conditions to benefit from these rates are as follows:

– Minimum groups of 10 persons.
– You need to write the name of the Group at the Name of the Group section of the registration form.
– If during the registration process you indicated that you belong to a group, but that group has not reached the minimum of 10 people, the Regular Rate will be applied by default, but you can still apply the group rate in the following cases:

a. If you have paid 50% in the registration, during the 30 days to make the second payment, if your group reaches a minimum of 10 people, the discount of the group rate will be applied in the second payment.
b. If after receiving the confirmation email you have 10 days to pay 100% of the amount, during those 10 days if the group reaches the minimum of 10 people, the price with the group discount will be applied automatically.
c. If you paid 100% of the amount, either in the registration process or afterwards, and during the following weeks the group reaches a minimum of 10 people, you would be given the corresponding refund for the difference. The deadline to reach the minimum for each group is June 30th, 2020, after this date returns are not allowed.
d. The deadline for the application of the discount is June 30th, 2022. From this date on will not be possible to apply the discount, and the Regular Rate will be automatically applied.

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We know that it is often very difficult to find affordable leaders to participate in a festival, but we also want to keep square groups, to avoid awkward and repeated waiting by the followers during classes, so there will be preference of inscriptions for couples.

Any registration made individually will be subject to the conditions and number of assistants at the level you register. In case that individual registrations are no longer allowed, this option will not be available on the registration form, and only registrations with a partner can be made. You can register for other passes such as the Solo Jazz Pass or the Fun Pass, or you can check the form a few days later, because due to cancellations, individual spots can be released.

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