a. Can I choose the accommodation between the Summer House and Kim’s Camping? In your private user panel you can select your preference between the rooms at the Summer House or the bungalows at Kim’s Camping.

b. Distribution of rooms / bungalows. Who will I share with? In your private user panel you can select the accommodation and the people with whom to share, and also you will find the specific information of each accommodation and the reservation process. There must be a person responsible for the group, who can reserve the accommodation.

c. Do I need to bring bedding and soap? In the room you will find bed linen, but you have to bring your own towels, soap, etc.

d. Do you have food allergies and intolerances? Yes, you have the option of informing us at the registration form. If you have not marked it at the time of your registration, you can send an email and communicate it to us. We will prepare special food for you.

e. How I can get to the Albatros House Llafranc? You can share car if you live near or use public transport to get to Palafrugell. The Organisation will provide a bus service at net price to make the Barcelona-Llafranc-Barcelona both ways. If you want to use the service, a few weeks before the festival, we will send the form at the general information mail.

f. Can I book more nights in the house / Bungalow case if arrive / leave sooner / later given? The organization is not responsible but you can directly contact Kim’s Camping or find other accommodations in the area. In the Albatros Summer House is not possible.


a. Could I attend classes without sleeping at the house / bungalow? It is not possible since the idea of ​​the festival is that attendees share the experience of classes, parties, meals … together. Packs offered are complete.

b. If finally I can not go, will my Money be refunded? The passes are not refundable, but they can transferable to another person only with the same role and level. This management should be done before the day 02/09/2018. We recommend contacting your insurance company to have cancellation insurance and thus be protected if you cancel your attendance to the festival. Only in case of accident / justified the days before the festival, you can send an email to the organization and it will be valued if the situation is refundable.

c. Are there group discount? There is discount for groups, the minimum is 10 people in the case of schools and associations. To access the discount, you must fill in the “School / Association” box on the registration form. Once the minimum number of people is achieved, the discount will be applied automatically.


a. I have not received any email and I have already signed up, did you get my registration? Check that you do not have an email in your Spam folder, if not, just wait a few days, you’ll probably be respond soon! Otherwise, send us an email.

b. What are the payment methods? You must pay by bank / wire transfer, only if you live abroad you can use the Paypal payment platform. You will receive by mail your payment details after confirming your registration.

c. I am a Follower in waiting list, what are my options? While you’re on the waiting list, your registration will not be consider confirmed. The Organization will assign to followers on the waiting list, in order of registration, leaders who sign up without a partner, but please we trust that you will also try to find a leader. If the slots to Lindy Hop classes are fully book, the waiting list followers will loose their priority. In any case, the festival offers two alternative passes: Solo Jazz Pass and Fun Pass, both with parties and full board included. It’s responsibility of followers on the waiting list, to decide if they want to request a change when being informed they have entered in the waiting list, or prefer to wait to find a leader. In both cases, any change of a pass will be depending on the availability and the Organization does not guarantee that availability once the change is requested.

d. We are a couple on waiting list, what options do we have? In case that any cancellation is made, the Organization will assign these slots to couples on the waiting list. We will contact with such persons to report these places, and once confirmed, we will proceed to send the confirmation email.


a. There will be auditions? We believe in your common sense and your sincerity, but just to make sure, there will be on Friday september 4th, at 10:00 am, a positive audition. Teachers will decide if some students have to change to a higher level. Remember that the auditions are required, and also for the benefit of all assistants.

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