Helena Kanini Kiiru & Sep Vermeersch

Helena Kanini Kiiru is a young dancer and teacher based in Zagreb, Croatia. She started off as a hip hop dancer at the age of 10, and after 8 years of practicing various street styles, she fell in love with lindy hop.

Very quickly she found passion for solo jazz, especially the raw style of authentic jazz pioneers. Her talent was recognized at JazzRoots 2018 where she won both solo and showcase competitions.

She stood out due to her unique style, charisma and authenticity. She was teaching at some of the biggest festivals such as Jazz Roots, The Snowball and Herrang dance camp. Now she continues to travel internationally and enjoys spreading her love for solo jazz with her students.

Sep Vermeersch is a unique and committed creative. He’s a passionate jazz, blues & swing dancer and aspiring expert in the matter. When teaching he prefers holding space as a facilitator. It’s all about the ‘jazz’ process: historical context, personal development and expressing your own style while trying to appreciate these African American art forms as a guest. He also knows how to handle the Dj Booth mixing for dancing crowds or to hold a microphone when supporting events as a sensuous MC.

Sep also shapes and organizes events and festivals such as Upside Down, Big City Blues or LouisLou’s Dance Madness. The combination of his educational background, playful attitude and daily practice make him a unique person to collaborate with. His curiosity for the deep ways of jazz, humanity and his successful performances in the sector make him a welcomed guest in various projects around the globe. Get to meet Sep and allow yourself to be shaken with love and groove.

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