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Who is behind the Swim Out Costa Brava??

We are Mago & Alba and since 2014 we have lead the way of this summer swing festival.

You are in the right place to plan your swing vacation in a dreamy paradise where you can enjoy all the elements of a swing festival, but also disconnect from your day to day, relax and reconnect with nature and the excitement of meeting wonderful people.

Alba Mago Swim Out 2022

Enjoy a custom-made swing festival

We have traveled to many festivals in Europe. We know the work behind each festival because we like to share our experience and know the history behind each event and its organizers. We have an analytical eye and we look at detail in order to improve our festival year after year without losing its own spirit.

We are Lindy Hop teachers in Barcelona, ​​a very dynamic scene, but we also manage a small non-profit swing association in a rural area, north of Catalonia. So we know the reality of different kind of Lindy Hop communities, big and small.

Alba has studied Political Science and Digital Communication and worked on numerous local and international projects. Project management and an analytical eye has given her many tools. Mago comes from the Film Making field and he is also a web developper, so production and problem-solving is one of his strengths. We are very creative and passionate about organising this festival year after year like.

Swim Out started in 2014 as a small festival with 180 participants, basically from Spain, with 6 national teachers and 2 local bands. Nowadays, more than 500 people from all over the world attends this Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz festival, coming from South Korea, USA, Argentina, Taiwan, … There are more than 12 teachers with international projection and we invite famous musicians of the swing scene. In most editions, the spots are sold out within a few days of opening registrations, which makes us very happy since it means everyone wants to join.

Although we have grown up, we always try to maintain a familiar and cozy atmosphere, so it is likely that during the festival we can exchange a few words, we do not hide behind the backstage 😉 We are happy to say that more than 60% of the attendees at the Swim Out repeat and for many of them this festival is an annual fixed date.

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